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This is runehammer!

Philly's new haven for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Role Play, and War Gaming is here at last! Come say hi and join the RUNEHAMMER community for crafting, reading, writing, and most importantly sharing our love of adventure at the table!


Runehammer is a Bookstore

We curate the very best mainstream, indie, and underground titles from across the hobby. Come check it out!

Runehammer is a place to play

We have custom tables available to host your next game in a thematic and focused space. Take it to the next level!

Runehammer is a place to paint

Take advantage of our collection of in-house paints, supplies, and craft stations to work on all your projects.  

Shop the Store

Our catalog of Runehammer goods continues to grow! Get the latest merch and newest books straight from the source!

The Latest from Hankerin

Read up on the latest muses, ramblings, and theories from the mind of ol'Hankerin Ferinale! There is always some new antic to report on or an idea to explore, so grab your drink, take a seat, and settle in for a while.

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