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The doors of legend…

We have the keys. We have the space. We have…DRYWALL! Behind these doors of legend the work commences to bring the halls of Runehammer to life…

This is runehammer!

Here at Runehammer Games, role playing, war gaming, fantasy and sci-fi are some of the best things in life, so let's take it all to the next level! Join the RUNEHAMMER community for crafting, reading, writing, and most importantly sharing our love of adventure together! Strength, honor, and beer!

Worlds of Adventure

Runehammer is an RPG Publisher with a myriad of universes and styles for players and GMs to explore. It is a best-selling brand with a legion of die-hard fans known as 'The Shield Wall.'


Runehammer's creations can be found on YouTube, Amazon, Audible, PDFs, a podcast and original session music on Spotify, and premium quality books... there's a lot to explore


Hankerin goes by many names, but if he isn't pursuing a passion for tabletop game design, artwork, and writing, he's busy drinking beer and chasing his dog, Chutney down the streets of Philly

Prepare for Battle!

WAR | MAKER proposes a simplified, flexible rules system to offer war gamers of different backgrounds and experience levels a COMMON GROUND to invent, tweak, and play the battles they imagine. Play any scenario, any parameters, any style, with ease!

battolefield deck photo.jpg

EZD6 Brings the Mayhem!

From the tabletop madness of DM SCOTTY crawls EZD6! A rules-light D6 RPG system that puts creativity over complexity, but delivers a surprising amount of variation and mechanical wiggle. Pick up the Core Rulebook, the Book of Quests, and the new post-apocalyptic playset, WASTED WORLDS!

Did you hear the news?

Soon, in the mighty city of Philadelphia PA, fantasy and sci-fi readers, miniature makers and tabletop role-playing hobbyists will have a place to visit, shop, hang out, and PLAY... a mighty hall for the shield wall and beyond! A reality at last!

3855651696 (1).jpg

Crown & Skull is here!

Crown & Skull is extending around the world and so many books have found homes at your tables! More books are incoming, so stay tuned for updates on when the next caravan will arrive.

evermoon rats.jpg

Shop the Store

Our catalog of Runehammer goods continues to grow! Get the latest merch and newest books straight from the source!

The Latest from Hankerin

Read up on the latest muses, ramblings, and theories from the mind of ol'Hankerin Ferinale! There is always some new antic to report on or an idea to explore, so grab your drink, take a seat, and settle in for a while.

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