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Runehammer Games

Raise your shield and unleash your RPG creativity. Follow the path of Hankerin Ferinale and explore endless worlds of adventure, right at your own table.

Latest and Greatest

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Index Card RPG: Master Edition PDf

This huge book combines ICRPG's numerous worlds, streamlined D20 rules and critically acclaimed GM know-how all in one PDF.


Atria DIY Table Map

Look closely, RPG heads! This massive, superheavy poster map has no hexes or place-names. Get out your sharpie and create your own campaign world as you go.


Runehammer Shield Wall Hammer Tee

Gain +2 to any stat with this legendary Mjolnir design from Runehammer. Ideal for metal concerts, shadowrunning, or viking raids.

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The Crow's Cage: A Shadowdark Adventure

In this compact adventure for the SHADOWDARK RPG, you'll be battling murderous trolls, lurking slimes, shifting mazes, and a bird the size of a town.

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