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Worlds of adventure

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Recent livestream

Crown and Skull Player's Guide Release!

Yo! CROWN and SKULL is coming! Get started with 70 free pages of madness! AMA on my newest, biggest release!

Latest Post

The case for Attrition

CROWN and SKULL has many unorthodox game mechanics. For now, the many revelations and and innovations of the ATTRITION system are center stage.

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New adventure

Cry of the Stingbat

Trog-men have thrown you in the pit, you are to be food. As dawn approaches, you know time is running out... time until it all ends, until you hear that terrible sound once more... THE CRY OF THE STINGBAT!

my Favorite tool

The Mighty Pen

What is a warrior without a sword? A smith without his hammer? No different are you, so choose your tools with care. Get a pen(s) that flows consistently, fits in your pocket, doesn't leak, and never falters. Get the feel you want. Do not compromise. 

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