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"This is an indispensable part of my Game Master's arsenal. If I had to reduce my game library to one shelf, this would definitely be on it."
-Professor Dungeon Master


There is no reason to wait. Everything you need, and we mean everything, is available to get you to the table playing ICRPG. 

Download the FREE Quickstart and a collection of free resources shared on the ICRPG Community site. Print-n-play miniatures, VTT Bits, and adventures for you to explore.


INdex CArd RPG: The Juggernaut

Since its first release as a series of silly Sharpie drawings in 2016, Index Card RPG (ICRPG) has become an unstoppable best-seller and served as a rallying point for a vibrant, creative community of players and creators in several countries, digital platforms, and languages.


It has helped to unlock the potential of gamemasters and clumsy dreamers. That was always the hope; to push people ‘over the edge’ of their doubts and hesitations; to remind them of the endless landscapes in their own imagination, and send them tumbling in with reckless enthusiasm.

So if you’re looking to take advantage of ICRPG’s indomitable DIY spirit and its easy-to-use system for your games, you’re in the right place!


a d20 system you command

ICRPG provides a role-playing framework, a creative mindset, and heaps of LOOT players will need to get the job done, no matter what kind of game you're playing. MASTER EDITION combines all the biggest pieces of the ICRPG puzzle, with revised rules, tighter writing, and art from all over the multiverse. It truly is a system at your command.

Are your players invested in another system? No problem. The ICRPG mindset is what will supercharge your GM style, not some specific rule or system written on a dead tree. Take what is useful for you, and toss the rest! Here’s a preview of ICRPG’s key innovations:

  • Playing in Clockwise Turns

    • This has been a staple in board and card games for generations. You and your group will rejoice as this streamlines any session.

  • Effort Dice

    • Simplify what players roll into categories of EFFORT, each using its own die type.

  • Targets

    • ICRPG combines all roll targets into a single number at the table. This will vastly speed up and simplify any game, and give players a clear vision of challenge.

  • Clean STATS

    • There are no skills, derivative number formulae, feats, or talents here. This game system just uses a character’s six core STATS to call for rolls, make ATTEMPTS, CHECKS, and generally be awesome.


Take the Oath!

If players are the lifeblood of a good tabletop session, then the Game Master is the heart. You will move the fluid of the story, lift the pressure, and release it. You will go unseen, never stop improving, and dedicate yourself to bringing out the best in others.

Referred to by many as the best Game Master's guide in the hobby, you'll find a whole slew of simple and actionable advice to level up your game.

You will take the Oath of the Game Master. You'll learn to deliver your ideas in small, digestible bits. You will treasure memorization over book-checking. You will divide your game world into tasty little packages. Most of all, you’ll be able to create, organize, and execute on the fly, as the wacky action of a good RPG session unfolds.

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