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"Runehammer once again redefines a genre...
vocative, richly detailed, a seamless blend
of story and gameplay."

-the arcane library

Crown & Skull Status
More books are on the way!

Stay tuned for updates on the second print run of Crown & Skull!

Crown & Skull Character Creator 

Thanks to Chris Cooper, "EvilArtifact", you can now build your Crown & Skull characters online! Using the same deep point-buy character creation system included in the game, customize your next character and print out your character sheet, ready to venture into the North Holds!


Are you a digital RPG head? We got you. This PDF purchase includes VTT tokens, a hi-res color map of The North Holds, the all-original CROWN and SKULL album MP3's for your favorite VTT, and a bookmarked PDF.

All book purchases also include this bundle FREE.

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What is Crown & Skull?

Welcome to CROWN and SKULL Volume I, a new RPG system and setting from Runehammer. Core rules, dice-driven enemy tactics, comprehensive GM tools, 40 original monsters, a massive traversable world, and huge loot tables await you in these pages. This book is thick with story, and puts the player at the controls. For game masters, a convention-breaking set of resources and techniques to go into the unknown WITH your players. No stats, no HP, no telling what may unfold...

The rules system in CROWN and SKULL will prove a significant departure from the mechanics and methods that have seen such meteoric growth in recent years. As such, settle in for a brain-tickling ride into new frontiers. If you feel challenged by the player-focused aspects of this book, the prep-free GM style... that means you’re in the sweet spot. 

Which will you choose? The crown, or the skull?



CROWN and SKULL has a deep point-buy character creation system and player-made combat rolls that put the player center stage. You’ll find everything you need to build fully custom characters, custom equipment, and even spells built from scratch. All to code, all by the same ruleset. 

If you're looking to jump right into a game, a handful of Character Templates are included, along with rollable Character Prompts to thrust you into the dangerous world of The North Holds with no delay.

  • No stats or hit points. Brace yourself for the innovative and brutal attrition system

  • Player-rolled combat keeps your dice tumbling

  • Combine flaws, abilities, skills and lineage in any way you can imagine.

  • Build custom equipment, spells, and companions

  • Roll to discover new world events, locations, and inhabitants

  • Earn hero points in play to evolve and grow your own way

Click the video below for a quick tour, or create a character using the newly released Character Generator.


The average GM is a chronically overloaded creative beast. This book takes a bold stance to disrupt many sacred traditions for the GM... dare to enter a session seat-of-the-pants! Trust hex rolls, loot rolls, random NPCs, enemy tactics dice and more to make a legendary session happen on-the-fly. Are you ready for the madness?

CROWN and SKULL includes an in-depth Game Master's Guide, from modifying, inventing, and running enemies to dream states and esoteric considerations of style and story. Next level. You've got this.

Runehammer has earned a worldwide reputation for supporting game masters. Click below for a brief introduction to the life of a CROWN and SKULL GM.

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no HIT POINTS, no stats?
explore the innovative new attrition system, where your gear and skills are all you've got!

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