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tabletop war gaming engine 


Welcome to the all-in-one resource page for the Runehammer war gaming ruleset.

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the mindset

Welcome to the glorious hobby of building, painting, deploying, and destroying. WAR | MAKER proposes a simplified, flexible rules system to offer war gamers of different backgrounds and experience levels a COMMON GROUND to invent, tweak, and play the battles they imagine. The rules are free to all. Fight on.

  • D6's, a pencil, and your miniature collection gets you started

  • Be sure to get a BATTLEFIELD DECK for the best play experience!

  • Flexible ABILITIES and point builds allow you and your opponents to build and play any scenario, any parameters, any style, with ease


Click below to order the BATTLEFIELD DECK.

This deck of ABILITY CARDS levels up your war gaming experience by keeping rules reference ON THE TABLE at all times. This speeds up play, makes every roll clear and simple, and just feels great.


Every BATTLEFIELD DECK includes a 40 page rulebook

and a bomb-proof plastic deck case.

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Check out these short clips covering the essential aspects of WAR | MAKER!



-Battles and Wars-

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