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This is big, y'all

It's time to get back to the table, everyone. Runehammer is cutting trail, going big, and you're invited to join the revolution... 

Runehammer is going
Brick & Mortar!

Soon, in the mighty city of Philadelphia PA, fantasy and sci-fi readers, miniature makers and tabletop role-playing hobbyists will have a place to visit, shop, hang out, and PLAY... a mighty hall for the shield wall and beyond! A reality at last!


We've got goblins to clear out and stones to stack! In the meantime, you can help support the effort before the grand opening by snagging some special loot. These items HERE are priced a little spicy to fill our war chest for the grand opening this spring. Thanks for your help and stalwart support! Yep, we're a little crazy.

Weekly Tabletop Events

Every week, we'll be hosting workshops, craft sessions, wargaming, and more. Let's get back to the community days... in person!

books, games, Miniatures & more

We'll have nothing but the very best on our shelves, from around the world to local creators. This is a curated shop for the die-hard readers, hobbyists and hobby-curious.

Philly's Ultimate Game Table

Come host your next session on the legendary Octagon... a massive, custom-built table in a private space, purpose built for your group's epic adventures!


Help Support the effort

It won't be long now before the doors are opened. But until then, we need paint. Materials. Killer music. A Skyrim bathroom. The works! Every purchase of these limited loot items helps us deck out the shop a little bit more. 

Come hang out soon!


2401 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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