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Crown and Skull Digital Bundle

The Digital Bundle has everything you need for Crown & Skull
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Product Details

Enter the vast and perilous world engine of CROWN and SKULL with this jam-packed digital bundle!

Before you Buy: The Digital Bundle is included FREE with every physical book purchase of CROWN and SKULL Volume I, so choose wisely!

-Bookmarked 350-page VOLUME 1 PDF: This massive tome is masterfully bookmarked for easy table use. The antique layout aesthetics of the book make for clear and easy reading on any device. Also printer-friendly with with clean blacks and spacious pages.

-VTT Asset Pack: Playing online is a big part of the hobby these days, so outfit yourself for a great experience. In addition to the goodies below, the bundle includes a cool logo overlay and Phase Tracker overlay for your next session.

-28 Original Hero Tokens: All the hero art from the book and more, contained in tidy tokens.

-23 Original Music Tracks: The entire Crown and Skull album in MP3 format, ideal for multitracking and mixing in Roll20 or other VTT's.

-High Resolution Maps: The North Holds in all its glory, both named and nameless versions, to guide your next trek.

-Hero Sheets: The classic 'simple' sheet and a form-fillable PDF sheet.

Strength and good fortune, traveler, the roads are few.

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