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Crown & Skull RPG: Basic Edition

Includes CROWN and SKULL Volume I Digital Bundle free with purchase
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Crown and Skull, Volume I, includes the core rules, character creation, extensive GM and enemy sections, short stories, loads of tables, and a dice-driven world atlas for many sessions of moody, inspired exploration and danger. Presented here in the Basic Edition with a clean, archival aesthetic. This hefty 356-page book is the most economical choice, while still using the very best book-making materials available.

Don't let the name 'Basic' deceive you! This book is made with the world's finest materials, a table presence that must be touched to be believed... a timeless, mysterious 'king's library' feel.

  • Dark grey 'arlin' cloth hardcover like your favorite library tomes of yore
  • White embossed cover and spine artwork
  • The North Holds world map is included as interior cover 'end sheets' for easy reference in play
  • Luscious 120 gsm wood-free natural paper... it's simply amazing
  • 6 x 9 'digest' size for carrying about and feeling Gandalfy
  • Perfect bind spine by the inimitable Regent Publishing for years of durable use
  • Includes CROWN and SKULL Volume I Digital Bundle free with purchase
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