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Index Card RPG: Master Edition PDF

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Index Card RPG has slowly built a die-hard following of DIY RPG creators and players over the past 5 years. Until now, it has been found in 3 hardcopy books and numerous PDF's published by Runehammer.
This huge book combines ICRPG's numerous worlds, streamlined D20 rules and critically acclaimed GM know-how all in one PDF, all revised and updated with its latest playtest data, magic system, LOOT tables and so much more.
-400 pages of DIY goodness: a D20 system YOU command

-The most highly acclaimed GM section in tabletop!

-All 5 main ICRPG worlds: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Weird West, Superheroes and Ice Age
-Newly rebuilt advanced magic system
-Extensive monster listings
-Collection of d100 LOOT tables and content creation tables
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