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The mighty pen

What is a warrior without a sword? A smith without his hammer? As an RPG hobbyist, you are no different, in need of the finest tools! Get a pen that flows consistently, fits in your pocket, doesn't leak, and never falters. Get the feel you want. Do not compromise. If you are attacking the page with a serious mind, like I do, you know how serious the PEN truly is.


While the Uniball Vision Elite has been my go-to pen for years, a real workhorse, it doesn't compare to the feel and flow of the fountain pen. The TWSBI Diamond is legend!

There is no going back.

Don't forget the ink. I'm using Noodler's Ink in Red-Black.

That little hint of red is gives you a grimoire feel you can't deny.

These links are Amazon affiliate links that allow me to earn a small kickback from your purchase, thanks for your support!

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