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The Irony and the Release

Greetings, programs! Hail to my shields and skal to all Runehammerians.

Yep. It's a blog. More material from the never ending exploration of this glorious hobby, one project, one game, one die roll at a time. RPG Mainframe was a hit as a podcast, but my itchy fingers always enjoy a good yarn, so I'm giving this format a try. I'll be posting a weekly think-blob right here at

Before you quote something crazy I said in a video about 'this hobby is DIY so why do we need so much thinking and supplemental material?' let me just release the confines of irony for a moment. I'm that guy, the one who says 'we don't need blogs' then writes one. I've come to terms with it. I am a loon.

As things keep progressing this past year, I've often needed a central place to say stuff. Forums get buried, Discord wisps into the breeze, and social media is, well, bonkers. I've noticed that I am a habitual blog reader. There are several great ones out there, and I read a lot more than listen/watch, so why not toss in my hat?

Stay tuned right here, we might even brain.


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