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We just finished 4 days of rock solid role playing here in the great city of Philly, PA. I invited my 9 most stalwart shields for a weekend of awesome games, and to say it was epic would be an understatement. A huge thanks to Dungeon Masterpiece, House DM, Paladin Prose, Ogbang, Faedux, Andrew, the Barn Bard, Artifact, and GM Trevor for rolling up and rolling dice. Here's a few pics and highlights from this first annual Runehammer gathering.

A Jam Packed Weekend...

Here's the schedule for the gathering. I've learned a lot from recent cons and gatherings, so I just picked a few great GM's, set everyone up to play in mixed groups, and hit the gas. This format lets everyone relax into the weekend, knowing they're all set. No confusion, no sign ups, just jumping in and playing.

"Is it time? Let's head back. Good luck, guys!"

Tasty cardstock sheets and rules packets for all sessions


What a great group of role players and friends! We had some great times, stayed in a crazy awesome industrial loft space, and kept our focus entirely on the games. No one got sick, no one got drunk... this format just rocks for really deep immersion in the hobby's essence.

"Outriders! Assemble!"

The gang arrives to play on Friday

So Many Epic Sessions

I ran something like 16 hours of games at my massive pine-trunk table. Dungeon Masterpiece, House DM, and Barn Bard kicked in with Cairn, Shadowdark, and Dread on the back room table. I ran Crown and Skull, a LARP, and a crazy hack of Mouseguard. Lunacy. So stinkin' fun, and way too many epic moments to tell.

"So, yeah, let's roll for it! I'm going full Matthew Mcconaughey."

Our undead dragon session ended in a legendary TPK

This session had a crazy shield wall defense I've never seen

Ryan's insane TIAMAT game had people roaring

Cairn at the local brewery, and Jake running Shadowdark

One of my CROWN AND SKULL sessions, mid spell-cast


On Saturday afternoon, we rolled into the local mug hall to play my LARP, 'Gathering at Stonehalle' which posed an impossible dilemma for the heroes. The LARP took us to some crazy places... what a great time. I'm writing LARPS every year from now on... too fun!

"All the Outriders, here? Just for me? Muahahahaha!"

Jake explains, during the LARP, that if he removes his gold chain, we'll all be destroyed.

The gang leans in as I RP the treacherous KING OLSVIR

The Loot

Every OUTRIDER got a personalized loot pack. This included a jersey, Crown and Skull bootleg copy, stickers and patches, card decks, bandanas, an Emergen-C, chessex dice set, commando miniature, and all the rules and sheets they needed for their assigned games.

The loot kits ready for arrivals

The War Game Board

Me and Dungeon Masterpiece assembled this impromptu war game setup the day before everyone arrived. We used little flags to track who had taken a turn, and played a bit on and off for 2 days. The zombies just kept coming, and we just kept wiping them out.

"Is Oggy dead yet?"

Our crazy war game board... so many zombies

Da Homies

So much of our hobby, in recent years, has been swarmed by salespeople, YouTubers, influencers, content creators, and the like. Gatherings like this block out all the noise and get to the essence: playing games. There's no way to put into words all the memories and great times we had. I can't wait for OUTRIDERS II. You guys rock.

"That was nuts."


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Oct 30, 2023

This is what I want to do as well! I am trying to find people to come to Missouri as well to "camp" or glamp it a bit and do this exact thing. We'll see with the kid now though.


Nice! Thnaks for sharing!


Gabriel Duden
Gabriel Duden
Oct 24, 2023

Damn, that looks like some truly epic gaming! So damn cool! Oh, but to get the chance to do that some day haha


Joe McGee
Joe McGee
Oct 24, 2023

What an EPIC weekend, indeed! Love seeing this!


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