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Viking Death Squad PDF

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An entire world, RPG system, and play resource inspired by the heavy metal super classic 'War Pigs' by Black Sabbath, Viking Death Squad is an explosive tabletop game of immortal vikings, cybernetic horrors, and demonic legions.

This compact book is jam packed with hard-edged artwork, with all the heavy metal, battle axes and screaming skulls the genre demands.

-Full world map and lore for a ruined Urth in the 100th century

-Complete core rules using D6 dice in explosive new ways

-Comprehensive character creation. Play as an ancient IMMORTAL or a resourceful HUMAN

-The awesome gear roll tables you expect from Runehammer

-23 unique monsters, each with a simple-to-use TACTICS roll

-10 complete adventure set-ups with story, locations and twists

-GM section to ensure your VDS game rocks as hard as Ozzy

Get your premium quality HARDBACK BOOK from RPG titan MODIPHIUS

UPDATE: Now available in deep discount paperback edition! This new paperback uses simple black-and-white paper and a glues paperback binding, but provides a VERY affordable option for those experimenting or handing out player copies. Get it here:

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