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The Last Voyage of Finigan's Pride

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As ICRPG's loyal fan base continues to grow, requests for a complete, introductory adventure for the system have consistently come in. The wait is finally over. Finigan's Pride is a dangerous sea voyage to challenge new players, and get new ICRPG GMs accustomed to TIMERS, EFFORT, and other key mechanics in the ICRPG MASTER EDITION book.

This adventure kit includes:

-Adventure PDF: 20 pages of NPCs, Monsters, Scenes and Stories to lure your players and discover the Atoll of the Dead! This PDF also includes descriptive 'read aloud' texts and a 100 items SEAFARING LOOT table for all the goodies!

-VTT Kit: All the tokens, maps, and title images you need to run this adventure on your favorite virtual tabletop.

-ICRPG Rules Quickstart: A compact rules core with everything you need to dive in.

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