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Official Runehammer Dice Set

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Prepare yourself for the long-awaited RUNEHAMMER POLYHEDRAL DICE SET!

This seven-die premium resin set has been in development for over a year, refining the materials, feel, and exact specifications to create that elusive every-damn-session set you can't live without! Our goal was to develop a die that had the look and feel of a troll's tusks, was beyond readable, and had a silky feel. The edges are beveled for a smooth roll, but not a roll off the table. The sizes are well beyond most sets... big, chonky, "molars" you can count on week after week. The just-a-bit translucent ivory finish picks up light colors with magical ease.

-Each box includes a protective outer sleeve for those rough backpack rides across town.

-Each box includes a 'socketed' foam insert that can be used or removed, complete with dragon battle mural interior box art.

If you're a 'weekly grind' player who needs that one hard-working set to just WORK... no fancy colors, no hard-to-read numbers, no wacky rolling behaviors, this is your set.

See you at the table.

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