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ICRPG: Hard Suit PDF

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Welcome to ATRIA, the world of ICRPG: HARD SUIT!

Long ago, the orbital cities fell. The Everlasting reached for the stars and found only destruction. Millennia later, the world of Atria is a lonely wilderness, but technology refuses to sleep. You awaken onto thsi strange world with no memory, only a vague sense of purpose. Those who don't burn, join the rebellion.

Somewhere between fantasy and science fiction is the vast, forested world of HARD SUIT. Defy the reb webs, find hidden allies in the Greenbow, and drink deep, friend. Tonight.. we fight! Ha Baka!

This Index Card RPG world supplement is my most expansive yet. Look at all thse goodies...

-New rules systems for building and piloting your unique HARD SUIT: a biomechanical wonder of a lost age

-Press Play game play: start playing BEFORE you make a character... yep, you're flying blind

-6 New Hero Origins: Remember who you were, master who you'll b-In-depth GM section with a super-detailed campaign opener-Fully 'crawlable' hex world of 20 regions... ATRIA, a land of wilderness and forbidden technology-20 new monsters to terrorize even the best HARD SUIT pilots and their allies

-7 VOYAGES: These open-ended adevtnures embrace a hex-driven style

-LOOT TABLES! Huge D100 tables you expect from Runehammer!

If you prefer a hardback edition, get it here:

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