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EZD6 Book of Quests

Also includes the PDF and character sheets for your digital enjoyment!
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From the weird brain of DM SCOTTY comes EZD6 book II: THE BOOK OF QUESTS!

EZD6 has been wildly successful, exploding onto tabletops everywhere fast, fun play from the wild and wacky table of DM SCOTTY. Now, EZD6 fans can play 18 of Scotty's wildest quests, in a simple, plug-anywhere format that's easy to bring to players fast.

  • 150-page paperback book
  • 18 complete quests, playable as one-offs or in a huge sequence
  • Each quest is complete with maps, NPCs, dialogue, monster stats, and a D20 'Details to Discover' table
  • Art by Sean Bova and maps by Robert Rudnicki

A must-have book of adventures for the weirdo GM!

Also includes the Book of Quests PDF and character sheets for your digital enjoyment!

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