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Cry of the Stingbat

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Trog-men have thrown you in the pit, you are to be food. As dawn approaches, you know time is running out... time until it all ends, until you hear that terrible sound once more... THE CRY OF THE STINGBAT!

In this compact SHADOWDARK GAUNTLET, players will be pitted against the most brutal real-time challenge imaginable: certain death at the claws and needle-beaks of the dreaded stingbat swarm!

All the maps, story, and stats you need to run this wild ride, including a custom curated Spotify playlist.

Published with permission, and fully compatible with SHADOWDARK by THE ARCANE LIBRARY.

Good luck.

Update: Version 1.1 has a copy-paste playlist link. If your 1.0 has a broken link, just email me for the new one!

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