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Altered State PDF

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ALTERED STATE is the Cyberpunk game supplement you've been hoping for. Faster, more innovative characters, enemies, vehicles, cybernetics and weapons to create you next street run.

Index Card RPG compatible, plug into anything

  • Fully compatible expansion for ICRPG
  • Simple, fast D20 mechanics can plug into any game
  • Gun mechanics that translate to any roll-damage systems

All new weapon mechanics that will tear your D20 game to pieces

  • Uzi's, sniper rifles, heavy weapons all with unique mechanics
  • Use bubbles and easy on-sheet notes to run new rules
  • Ultra-lethal katana and sword rules for those who prefer blades to bullets
  • Huge lists of custom ammunition and explosives items. Big bada.

Classes and Enemies that redefine how badass cyberpunk can be

  • Go beyond the tired tropes of cyberpunk into a world AFTER the decking climax
  • Slicers, Deckers, EXO's, Psychics, and more each have unique progression and talents
  • Freeform monstrosities, heavy mecha, and more make it all more deadly

Gigantic LOOT and MILESTONE tables to keep your players drooling

  • D100 LOOT table with all kinds of cyber-crazy goodies
  • Huge progression LOOT list to evolve and power up your runners

All new rules and mechanics for decking, surge drugs, vehicles, heavy mecha and more

  • Simplify and streamline the clunky bits
  • Give players the power to push themselves to the edge

Epic resource pack with world setting, character sheet, tokens, and map assets

  • A totally unique vision of a world 2 centuries beyond 'cyberpunk'
  • Huge collection of tokens and map bits for your VTT use

Suit up, runner. The streets aren't going to save themselves.

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