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Join the Shield Wall on Patreon

Hail, my allies and shield-keepers! I look to my left, and see all I need to hold fast against the chaos. For that, I thank you all, old and new!

8 years ago, I walked away from the corporate world to embark on a crazy journey. Runehammer is the longest I've ever had the same job... isn't that insane?

In these 8 years, so much has happened, and thanks to all of you, I've been able to grow and experiment in directions many creative folks can only dream of... crazy projects, total direction shifts, loony larks! Half-done give-ups and smash hits.

I often wonder what keeps the shield wall so strong. The mainstream of our hobby seems so far from what I do, it seems ridiculous I would 'succeed' at all. This isn't just self-doubt, but a real question of 'what is it I'm doing that matters here?'

I think the answer may be that my faith in the DIY aspects of this hobby/lifestyle are justified, and folks want to see a bootstrapper succeed. We love rolling dice and playing with mini's, we love reading and researching, we love fantasy and sci-fi, but we also seek the frontiers of things, not just the latest AAA product. You're like me... a seeker... and you stay strong at my side to say "keep going."

This year is kinda huge for me. I've been fortunate enough to be involved in Shadowdark, a world-record setting project, EZD6, the brain child of my mentor, and Crown and Skull, my most far-sweeping, comprehensive RPG concept to date. These projects speak straight from my heart about where this hobby can venture... how we can find new magic in classic themes... how we can believe in the details and leave cynicism behind. Danger, Energy, Wonder...

Here's to 8 more years of this ridiculous journey, elbow to elbow. Shield to shield.


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