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War | Maker Battlefield Deck

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This set contains the new WAR | MAKER 2nd Edition and the essential WAR | MAKER BATTLEFIELD DECK. It contains all the core rules you need to build and play all kinds of war gaming scenarios. Includes a free PDF of the core rules.

Check out the full overview of War | Maker with videos and more!

WAR | MAKER is inspired by the numerous wargaming titans that have defined our times. In an ongoing effort to embrace the creative wargamer, newcomer, or DIY player, WAR | MAKER seeks simplified common ground for all war games... to bring more people together and break the ‘insider’ feel that the hobby can sometimes portray. It’s Wednesday night, let’s all hit the table and roll some dice.

Before you begin, if you are a wargaming veteran, We WAR | MAKERs humbly ask that you set your assumptions and vast knowledge aside. See WAR | MAKER in its own light, not as a mere shadow of other games. Embrace the spirit, and fight on!
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