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WAR | MAKER is a tabletop war gaming system for everyone. With simple 'binary' dice mechanics, wide-open theme possibilities and a rules core you can memorize in a few sessions, WAR | MAKER sets aside complexity and asks 'what kind of war will you make?' Tabletop skirmish gaming, miniatures, and all the fun that goes with 'em.

  • 100 page book complete with core rules, abilities, battle condition rolling tables, and more
  • Role play, GM mode, co-op mode, and car combat rules included
  • 6 complete armies in 3 epic wars as fully built examples, complete with battles and details you can play as written or use to create your own
  • Wild full color artwork all made exclusively with custom built miniatures
  • Dozens of print-and-play miniatures to match included armies
  • Sheets to track your armies, war story, and rules cheat sheets
  • Free lifetime updates and add-ons you expect from Runehammer!
  • If you prefer a hard back of this book, go here:
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