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Crown and Skull VTT Volume 1

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In collaboration with AI artisan MAUNA MAPS, we bring you a pack of amazing VTT assets for your Crown and Skull games. We took just over 3 weeks to work, re-work, and touch up these maps with AI renderings, zillion-word prompts, and a boatload of hand Photoshop work. The results speak for themselves!

Not only are these maps just moody as all get out, they all follow a left-to-right 123 system I often use in my VTT games. Players start a scene at left, in a cool color feel, then progress into a neutral or 'pass through' area, eventually landing for a climax or discovery in a warmer color zone at the far right. Use fog of war, visibility areas, or the included 'darkness overlay' to slowly reveal these shifts and discoveries to players as they progress left-to-right.

15 maps, locations from CROWN AND SKULL, are presented as 4k JPEGS, with a few useful PNG files included.

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